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Christian Counseling

The profession of counseling and psychotherapy has only recently recognized the importance of spirituality for human life. For example, Thomas G. Plante at Santa Clara University, writes that, “Professional and scientific psychology appears to have rediscovered spirituality and religion during recent years, with a large number of conferences, seminars, workshops, books, and special issues in major professional journals on spirituality and
psychology integration” (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 63:9, 891-902 (Oct 2007).

There are many people who are like the woman whom Jesus met at a well in ancient Samaria. This woman had been rather unsuccessful in all of her intimate relationships. She had been married five times and when she met Jesus, she was cohabiting with a sixth man.

Jesus analyzed her as a very thirsty woman whose thirst could not be satisfied by any mere human being. But, he told her, “if you would ask me, I can give you water so you will never thirst again.” Spiritually thirsty souls find at Anchor Counseling the water that only God
can give.

We integrate our clinical skills with the resources of the Bible and the Christian tradition. This does not mean an attempt to convert anyone. It does mean that we our counseling is guided by the basic principles of the Christian ethic.