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Marriage Counseling

The importance of the nature of couple relationships for their overall health has been widely documented. For example, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has this to say about the influence of marriage on mental health: A happy marriage may provide substantial emotional benefits. For many people, marriage creates an important sense of identity and self-worth (Gove et al. 1990). Moreover, a spouse may provide emotional intimacy and support, fulfilling an essential human need for connection . Consequently, married people may be 1 happier, more satisfied, and less depressed than those who are unmarried. These emotional benefits may, in turn, improve their physical health, by reducing the toll stress, depression, and other mental health problems can take on physical well-being.


1House J.S., D. Umberson, and K.R. Landis. “Structures and Processes of Social 1 Support.” Annual Review of Sociology, vol. 14, 1988, pp. 293-318.

If you of your partner are unhappy with your relationship or if either of you have contemplated divorce, you are encouraged to contact Ms. Pugh, who is trained in couple counseling and has had success in helping couples resolve their conflicts and find the intimacy and happiness they hoped for on their wedding day.